What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing where it involves endorsement and posting of posts from the influencers and tagging to the page or mentioning them. 

Types of influencer marketing 

Barter: It is a type of marketing where there is an exchange of goods or value in exchange for a post or a video.

Fixed pay model: In this model both the parties (business and influencer) agree on a fixed amount in exchange for a post or video. 

Affiliate model: In this model, the influencer post the content but the pay model is based on the commission of the sales of the product. The influencer is provided with a link or code and when someone purchases using the link or code, the influencer will receive a certain amount. 

Now you might be thinking, do you need influencer marketing? 

Obviously, yes, let me explain

In recent times there is a rise in content creators and all the creators can closely connect with their followers as they interact every day. This builds trust with their audience making it a good opportunity for the business to leverage it. If the content creator suggests any product their followers would not hesitate to try it once or check out the business. 

Now that you have understood why you need influencer marketing for your business. You might be thinking how can we find an influencer

Yes, finding influencers is one of the most important parts and here is how you can find influencers. 

First, understand your industry, and choose the right social media. For example, if you are in the fitness industry, understand where your audience hangs out. Most fitness enthusiasts might be using Instagram and youtube, so, according to that find an influencer.

If you are in the service industry serving B2B (business to business) most of your audience might be hanging out on Twitter or LinkedIn right? So, find an influencer who is creating content on these platforms. 

Alright, I hope I could add some value through this blog. I will be posting another blog, explaining in detail, how to find an influencer as it has a deep topic by itself. 

Signing off 


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