Ultimate step by step guide to reaching out an influencer

Are you stuck and not sure how to reach out to an influencer?

Are you scared that they will not respond to your outreach? 

First of all, do not be scared and don’t feel stuck because in this blog I will be explaining in detail, how to reach out to the influencer?

First of all let me tell you there are no hard and first rules on how to reach out to influencers, sometimes it could be your mutual friend or your neighbour and you can reach them out easily right. 

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Now, once you are done with finding your perfect influencers, you can find out their emails and send emails to make sure to send to as many as possible because it will work as a law of averages. 

Here is a roadmap

Other than that you can message them on the different social platforms, which will increase the probability of their response. Wait for their response until sometimes, if you do not get a response in 4-5 days you can send a follow-up message. Remember people are busy and they will keep you in their minds only if you keep showing up.


Reaching out to influencers

Here are a few other things that you have to do.

Comment and like on the influencer’s post! 

Engaging with the influencer’s posts will lead to their attention, which will help you to qualify an influencer.

Be consistent and do it every day 

One of the most important things is to be consistent and engaging with their posts every day. 

Reply to their comments

If you see them comment on posts, you can reply to them on their comment, this will highlight 

Build a relationship with them

Once you are connected make sure you build a strong relationship so that you can work long term on any upcoming projects. 

I hope you could take away many points from here! I would love to hear from you! Wishing you all the best for your upcoming campaign. 

Signing off 


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