International Youth Under One Roof

Learning is endless and exciting, whether it is a computer, dance or literature but learning is more exciting and fun when we learn and work with like-minded people under one roof. The relationships and memories which are created in this period stay forever.

MUN (Model United Nations) has made it possible in bringing like-minded people on an international level under one roof, in this modern era. There are many international organisations that are working hard to allow every youth and bring changes in society. Now let’s dive into the world of MUN.

What is MUN?

According to Wikipedia, Model United Nations (MUN), also known as Model UN, is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relation and the United Nations. To know more click here

Alright, let me tell you one of my stories in MUN with AWMUN, February 2019, Bangkok, before that who is AWMUN?

Asia World Model United Nations or AWMUN is a Model United Nations carrying different themes on each event. It aims to facilitate young leaders from different places to broaden their networks and to provide a platform where the delegates can share their perspectives, particularly on world issues and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) in each council or committee.

Click Here to take part in AWMUN III November 2019, Bali, Indonesia.

Click Here to know more about upcoming MUN all around the globe.

It did not matter what race or culture we belong to, we were all same. Every one of us was working together under one roof with one motive on how to make this world a better place. This made me realise that every one of us is the same, no matter where we belong. We all have the same emotion towards humanity and respected each other.

In the event, I could make many wonderful friends(became more like a family eventually) from different parts of the world (Myanmar, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Mexico and many more) also including the different regions of my country(India), which could not have been possible otherwise. This event left me with uncountable numbers of knowledge and memories. Therefore, I urge every youth to participate, at least once in their lifetime to know more about themselves and to bring change in our society.

The city tour with AWMUN and with the delegates left me with memory, to cherish forever. Click Here to see the place that I have visited in Bangkok.

The cultural night was my favourite moment with AWMUN, where I could witness different cultures from different parts of the world and every one of us had dressed up in our traditional dresses. On a cultural night Filipinos, Indonesians, Burmese, Indian and South Africans had a dance performance by the delegates themselves. Click Here to watch the after movie AWMUN.

Dance from Myanmar
Dance from Philippines
Dance from South Africa
Dance from India

       Are you ready to bring change to this beautiful world? comment down below and let me know.


Hoping to see you at the future conference

Credit to the AWMUN committee for the photos of the cultural night.

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