How to find influencers for your campaign?

Are you confused about how to find influencers? 

Don’t know how to reach out to the influencers?

In this blog, I will be explaining how to do influencer marketing? 

If you are not sure what influencer marketing is, I have explained it in detail in my previous blog, you might want to go and read it, what is influencer marketing?

Now, I will assume that you know what is influencer marketing? And its terms, now, let’s jumped ahead and learn how to find influencers. 

First, understand your industry, and analyse where your audience is at, also make sure you know your budget for influencer marketing. Once you are done with it, it will be easier for you to search for influencers.

Example: If you are a B2B business, your audience might be hanging out on Twitter and LinkedIn. And if you are a B2C business, your audience might be hanging out on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. 

Once you are done with your audience research and budgeting. I will be assuming that you have chosen your social platform as well. 

Moving ahead, let me explain with a few examples so that it is easier for you to learn. In this example, I will be assuming we are a fashion retail brand dealing only B2C (business to customer/consumer), considering we were running our offline stores for a while now but we never had an online presence. 

First, I will start with creating an Instagram account for the company, you might be wondering why? It is because we are a retail fashion brand and we will be dealing directly with the customers, so we are a B2C business. Considering that most of the fashion influencers and audiences are hanging out on Instagram. Got it?

Now, after creating the page, I will be posting a few pieces of content related to the industry and start following a few celebrities and people I know in that industry. Now, I will go to the explore section of Instagram and search for the influencers using hashtags. 

Since we have considered fashion retail in our example, first I will search #fashion and find photos that are relevant to me and shortlist some. Here, is a screenshot with steps for your understanding.

I will be doing similar steps using different hashtags for finding more influencers and listing them down. Now you take the same steps and start doing the same. The same concept can be applied for different industries. 

I hope I could add some value through this blog! I will be posting how to reach out to an influencer on my next blog. 

Signing off 


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