Who Am I?

About Me

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Hi! I am Sarlongki! I am 22 and have always been fascinated with entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Back in 2020 when the world was on the lockdown, I was thinking about how could I start selling products.


Did some research and got deep into it, and found out about dropshipping but I never had the money to start the dropshipping, as I was 20 and clueless about what should I do to start my business. A few months pass but I never implemented it, so I made myself clear that I have to get started with something with no money. 

I  listed multiple suppliers on youtube & Instagram and listed the products they offered me to sell online.

I was into dropshipping first with no money!

I borrowed money from friends and family to run ads. 

First few weeks I could not sell anything!

Convinced my friends to buy a pair of shoes from my online business.

Used this money to start working with influencers.

Instinctively, I cracked influencer marketing and that shot up my sales!


Steadily, with more sales, the trust factor amongst my audience increased.

With bulk messages, influencer marketing and sweat and blood, I understood the Instagram Algorithm and the market. I was into business!

I was financially free, at 20, while in college!

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To make this plan grand, I moved to sell on a dedicated website!

Built my e-commerce site and automated the tasks with a team. 


Want to create your e-commerce websites and build a social media presence alongside your brand?

Not just that, want to hear the sweet sound of money being credited to your bank account frequently?

You have arrived at the right place! I am your man!


I will build kick-ass social media strategies which will attract your ideal client, grow a loyal audience and generate more revenue for your online business!